Formed in 2004, Velada Flamenco is a collective of four distinctive dancers, who are inspired by an undeniable passion for flamenco. They are Roshanne Wijeyeratne, Holly Markwell, Yasmine Nicholls, and Amelia Barnes. These dancers have trained individually for many years both in Australia and in Spain with some of the best flamenco teachers available.

Their flamenco style has been significantly influenced by their involvement in a variety of pursuits including physical theatre, ballet, creative writing, percussion, and Sri Lankan dance. Velada Flamenco re-imagine and re-interpret flamenco for contemporary Australian audiences.

Multilayered, intense and poetic, their performances are stirring and compelling. As a ensemble they have exude high energy, strength and passion while preserving each individual dancer's unique character and style. In their complementary interpretations of flamenco, Velada revel in flamenco's capacity for both tradition and modernity.

Guitar, percussion, flute, violin, piano and song provide a rich musical landscape for this quartet of exceptional dancers.Velada collaborate with some of Australia's finest artists including percussionist Adrian van Nunen, guitartists Aloysius Leeson and Florian, pianist/composer Paul Hilton, actor/director Alirio Zavarce, and singers Cristina Fernandez and Mari Olivares.

Audiences are raving about Velada's critically acclaimed performances.