What is Flamenco?


Flamenco is an artform comprising of music, song and dance that orginates from the south of Spain, Andalucía. Originating from the cultural heart of the Andalucían gypsies, several influences are apparent in the artform's music, song and dance including from Islamic, Jewish, Indian, Moorish and Christian cultures. It is commonly believed that flamenco began with the singing (cante) and the guitar and dance were introduced later.


Flamenco dance has strong Indian, Arabic and Spanish influences. The dance is known for its passion, fire and grace; a mix of proud posture, intricate percussive footwork, strong body movements, graceful arms and emotional expression. It's places of performance range from an informal gathering of flamencos at parties to the world's most popular stages. The style in which flamenco dance can be presented ranges greatly: from flamenco puro, which is often a soloist improvising the dance in response to the singer, all the way to highly choreographed and staged flamenco dance pieces.

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