Dates for 2018
January: Summer Bootcamp
Term 1 2018: January 29 - April 13 (11 weeks)
Term 2: April 30 - July 6 (10 weeks)
Term 3: July 23 - October  7 (10 weeks)
Term 4: October 22 - December 22 ( 9 weeks)

Alma Flamenca provides classes from Beginner to Professional Levels, and performance opportunities from student fiestas to professional work opportunities.

Class Levels, Information & What to Wear (See Below) - (For the Class Timetable Click Here)

Flamenkito Kids

Friday 4:30-5:15

Flamenco classes for kids from 4-6 years of age. A fun way for kids to explore rhythm and coordination and learn about Spanish language and culture. Students will enjoy a high energy class with lots of different activities including footwork patterns, learning to twirl a manton or cape and playing percussion!

Level 1: Flamenco Fundamentals I Classes

Wednesday 17:45-18:45 (Thebarton)

Saturday 1030- 11:30 (CBD)

Among the many reasons to dance flamenco, Flamenco is a fun, passionate and rewarding artform that will improve your fitness, body awareness, coordination and sense of ryhthm. This beginner course is for the complete beginners or for those dancers who would like to refresh their core techniques. It covers the complete basics of flamenco dance including arm shapes, hand movements, body movements, turns, and how to make funky music with your feet! By the end of this course you will be able to dance some verses of Bulerias/Tangos (short fiesta dances). This course will develop strong enough technique to graduate into the Monday 6pm Beginner II class or with several terms into the Tuesday night elementary-intermediate class. Ole!

Fundamentals I classes are complimentary and work well together for those students who want to do more classes and progress more rapidly.

Level 2: Elementary - Technique and Tientos

Saturday 11:30-1pm

Wednesday 7:15-8:45pm

This course is aimed at a bridging level to propel students into Intermediate level, but will benefit any dancers who want to add to their repetoire of Bulerias and Tangos por fiesta (short fiesta style solos which all dancers should eventually learn). It also covers aspects of improvisation, communication with the singers and musicians, palmas, and jaleo. A must for any flamenco dancer who would like to feel confident with Bulerias and Tangos and performing solos with live singers and musicians. Advanced performers will join this class fortnightly for training, which in itself is a great experience for intermediate students.

Basic techniques are revised at a fast pace with a focus on building strength, speed, full body coordination, and basic theory on flamenco palos and choreography. Beginners I and Beginner II classes are complimentary and work well together for those students who want to do more classes and progress more rapidly.

Level 3: Intermediate - Advanced Classes

Thursdays 7-8pm Technique; 8-9pm Choreography (Solea por Bulerías)

These classes are designed for flamenco dancers who understand the basic rhythms of flamenco and have a good grasp of how to coordinate their arms, hands and footwork. The aim to reach an advanced level to confidently complete advanced classes in Spain. Students will train in some great techniques for upper body strength, footwork, speed, turns and palmas and will work up a sweat. The choreography class will cover Seguiriyas and some funky bulerias/tangos choreography done to popular flamenco letras (songs) so that students can use their new-found steps in fiestas or for little solos!

The aim of these two classes is to develop a richer repetoire of techniques and choreographies for intermediate students and to eventually bridge students who have had years of experience in flamenco into a more advanced - performance level.

Level 4: Advanced- Professional Class *** Please inquire before attending these classes

Tuesdays 7-8pm Technique; 8-9pm Choreography (Solea por Bulerias)

This class not for the faint hearted! Technique class designed to mirror the level of choreographic difficulty, techniques and stamina required for the successful completion of advanced classes in Spain. Students will learn more about how the letras connect with the dance, how to develop choreographies, perform in groups, and will also focus on each students ability to dance solos. Palos covered in 2015 are Farruca, Alegrias and por Fiesta solos.

Flamenco Elements:
Tuesday 6-7pm - Bata de Cola
Thursday 6:45-7:15pm - Manton
Castanets will be taught in all classes
Private lessons by appointment

These classes are designed to develop the all rounded dancer and to master the skills of the Flamenco Elements including the Spanish Manton (Shawl), Abanico (Fan), Baston (cane), Bata de Cola (skirt with long tail) and Palmas. NOTE: These classes will not run while Roshanne is in training in Spain.

Click Here to view the weekly class timetable/locations. Email Roshanne if you have further questions.

Alma Flamenca Performance Rehearsals:

Monday 6:30-8:30

What to wear:

For beginners a comfortable tighter fitting shirt and pants will be sufficient. However you are most welcome to wear a full flared skirt. For all levels above beginners girls (and boys if they choose to learn) will need a long full flared skirt and a tighter fitting top. Boys usually wear full length pants : )

Hints for shoes:

The shoe below is inappropriate. It is a little too strappy, too thinner heel and too high.

These are flamenco shoes... The closer you can get to this, the better it will be for your feet and for the sound you will get... or just buy flamenco shoes from the net at it depends how keen you are! : ) I also have some pairs of shoes for sale ladies size 35-37.5


Shoes (recommended for girls) and Boots (recommended for boys)